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My name is Heather, and I’ve been an indie romance author since 2012.  I write contemporary romance – new adult and romantic comedy, mostly – sports romance, and dark romance.

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Why I’m excited for the Spider-Man reboot

Two words.

Michael Keaton.


I’ve never been a Spider-Man fan. Like, I enjoyed the movies. The Toby Maguire trilogy. Then the Andrew Garfield ones. And I’ll probably see the newest one. (Actually, after finding out Michel Keaton is in it, I will be seeing it.) But only because Robert Downey Jr. is in it.

And then I was watching my happiness, the reason I’m a writer – Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales – in IMAX 3D, and the newest Spider-Man trailer was there with Michael Keaton in it.

I flipped the fan girl out, guys. No kidding.

I’ve loved Michael Keaton since 2011 when I got my wisdom teeth pulled and watched Beetlejuice on repeat. 

As a writer, he’s such an interesting person to base a character off of. He’s not quintessentially handsome. (That’s not to say I’m not attracted to him. Because I am. Very, very much.) He’s interesting looking. Short, yes, but not unattractive. Intelligent looking. Humble but also smirks arrogantly because he has a reason to. Clever. Mischievous. Sarcastic but not biting.

Sometimes, my heroes aren’t super hot but they are attractive.

I make it a challenge, honestly. If I can get my readers to fall in love with a guy who isn’t typically good looking, I’ve done my job.

I’m in love with Michael Keaton, yes. And I want everyone to be in love with him, too.

Isn’t that the challenge of a writer?😉

3 Quick Tips on How to Overcome Writer’s Block

1.  Understand why you’re blocked.  Do you doubt yourself?  Are you tired?  Can you not find the time to write?  Are you stuck?  Do you know what to write?  A lot of these issues can be solved with time management, habit building exercises and gaining clarity on what you want to write.

2.  Change your scene.  Go for a walk.  Talk to someone.  Watch television.  Read a book.  Listen to music.  Also, get your characters out of your story and over somewhere else.  Ask them why?  Create a new quick scene for them to interact in that has nothing to do with your story.

3.  Force it.  More often than not, forcing yourself to write will get yourself over your hump.  Think of writing like a ketchup bottle: when you’re blocked, nothing will get out.  But once your force it through, the ketchup flows freely – just like your words.

When I’m feeling particularly blocked, I think of it as a sign that I need to gain clarity on one of two things: either, I need to focus on what I’m writing (which is why I outline for every single novel I’ve written) or I need to remind myself why I’m writing (I want to write for a living, quit my job and stay at home with my kids while earning a sizable income).  Once I gain clarity, my blocks are gone and I can write.

When do you feel particularly blocked?  How do you overcome it?  I’d love to hear from you, so please comment below.  I always respond to comments!

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