Why I’m excited for the Spider-Man reboot

Two words.

Michael Keaton.


I’ve never been a Spider-Man fan. Like, I enjoyed the movies. The Toby Maguire trilogy. Then the Andrew Garfield ones. And I’ll probably see the newest one. (Actually, after finding out Michel Keaton is in it, I will be seeing it.) But only because Robert Downey Jr. is in it.

And then I was watching my happiness, the reason I’m a writer – Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales – in IMAX 3D, and the newest Spider-Man trailer was there with Michael Keaton in it.

I flipped the fan girl out, guys. No kidding.

I’ve loved Michael Keaton since 2011 when I got my wisdom teeth pulled and watched Beetlejuice on repeat. 

As a writer, he’s such an interesting person to base a character off of. He’s not quintessentially handsome. (That’s not to say I’m not attracted to him. Because I am. Very, very much.) He’s interesting looking. Short, yes, but not unattractive. Intelligent looking. Humble but also smirks arrogantly because he has a reason to. Clever. Mischievous. Sarcastic but not biting.

Sometimes, my heroes aren’t super hot but they are attractive.

I make it a challenge, honestly. If I can get my readers to fall in love with a guy who isn’t typically good looking, I’ve done my job.

I’m in love with Michael Keaton, yes. And I want everyone to be in love with him, too.

Isn’t that the challenge of a writer?😉


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