Captivation.HeatherCMyersHe told her he was there to protect her, but she would later learn that he was the most dangerous demon she would ever meet.

SaveTheDate.Heather.C.Myers.eBookAs daughter of a man in charge of the CIA, Gemma knew her father was overprotective. She just never thought he would assign a man she couldn’t stand to be her bodyguard under the rouse of a fake marriage.

Four.Sides.Heather.MyersMatchmaking is supposed to be easy. But Madeline is going to learn that love can’t be planned when she starts to fall for the last person she ever thought she would, who also happens to be the man her best friend claims to love as well. 

Heather.Myers.BeautifulDisasterIzzy was trying to seduce her boyfriend, not the guy who had mysteriously ended up in her apartment claiming to be a pirate from the eighteenth century. Could the night get any worse?

heroes and thieves4He didn’t like her; she didn’t care. A pirate who is anything but encounters a barmaid from Tortuga with a secret, and life for both of them will never be the same.

Blood on the Rocks (1)Her grandfather’s murdered and she’s suddenly thrust with the responsibility of owning and managing a national hockey team. That, and she decides to solve the murder herself.

battlefield1-2Just because they were, quite literally, made for each other didn’t mean they had to actually get along.

11269237_10152804076885718_1605069126_oMarion is a die-hard USC fan. Aiden goes to UCLA Law School. If only college rivalries were the worst of their problems. They say opposites attract. Well, some crash into each other.

Corsets&Crossbones“And just so you know, love, my words are not the only pretty things in this room.” “I am sure you are referring to yourself?” Oh, pirates and their pick-up lines.

Devil Series4Her uncle sold her soul for wealth… and as she spends more time with her captor, she realizes that she doesn’t exactly want it back anymore.

Marking Territory (2)He left his mark on her, not because he wanted to, but because he couldn’t control himself when he was around her. She was his; that was all there was to it, whether he actually liked her or not. Well, they always did say love was blind…

Tempting the FleshHe wanted nothing more than to sink his teeth into her flesh and turn her into what he was – a vampire. But he couldn’t. And she wanted nothing more than to run away from this assignment. But she wouldn’t.

Coming soon…

Awaken, Book 1 of The Dark Paradise Trilogy  Something wicked is happening in Onyx City…

Stranger, Stranger Series Book 1  Sophie has a secret… A peculiar one.

Death in Neverland, Book 1 of The Neverland Series  People don’t grow up when they’re dead.


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